2023 Awards

Years of Service Awards

5 Years10 Years20 Years
Kaitlyn RemelyTyler WeilerMark Clare
Shannon RemelyJason Snyder

President’s Award

Captain Gregory Leaman presented by Chief Roy

Tom Schaller Community Interest Award

Matt Vickers and Rick Brenememan presented by Chief Roy

Ron Comfort Sr. Fire Police Award

Engineer Mark Clare, presented by Assistant Chief Ron Comfort Jr.

Keith Rankin Training Award

Nathan Cramer presented by Assistant Chief Chad Slover

Pookie Behind the Scenes Award

Brian Bixler, presented by Assistant Ron Comfort Jr.

Honorable Mentions: Jen Slover and Mike Pickard

Chief’s Award

Captain Mike Adams, presented by Engineers Shawn Roop, Tyler Weiler, Chief Steve Roy, and Mark Clare

Top Responders

DC Justin Brian, 173 calls; Sergeant Devin Ashba, 190 calls; LT. John Jones, 170 calls (Fire Police); LT. James Logan , 212 calls

Rookie Firefighter of the Year

Cole Hatfield, presented by mentor Sergeant Devin Ashba and Assistant Chief Chad Slover

Fire Officer of the Year

Captain Melvin Reyes, presented by his mother, Marilyn Reyes
(Marilyn is a member of the LTFD support staff)

Firefighter of the Year

Kaitlyn Remely, presented by Chief Roy

Thank Me for My Service Award

Devin Ashba for being the most present on the department’s social media with 180 Facebook posts, 58 Instagram photos, and a divider page in the PA Fireman magazine centerfold.

Sergeant Devin Ashba, presented by Chief Steve Roy