Lancaster Township Fire Department was dispatched at  2:37a.m. to the intersection of Hamilton Road and Marietta Avenue in Lancaster Township for a class 1 accident with driver possibly being ejection.


Starting at Hamilton Road, a speeding 2005 gray Acura TL left the roadway and crashed through 3 utility poles and wrapped around a pine tree at 1200 Marietta Avenue at the corner of North School Lane and Marietta Avenue where the vehicle came to a halt.


The accident left 500 people without power.


It is unbelievable the driver survived the crash. The vehicle was obliterated during the violent accident. The car sustained severe front end damange as well as the trunk was pushed into the rear seat. The vehicle contained side curtain air bag protection and additional safety features such as crumple ones and a strong occupant compartment that have capacity for reducing the risk of injury may have saved the drivers life.


The vehicle was unoccupied when PD and firefighters arrived on the scene. After an exhaustive search on foot by Manheim Township police, East Hempfield Township Police, Lancaster EMS crew and Lancaster Township firefighters, the driver could not be located.


The driver sped past two police officers a minute before he hit the three poles. They saw the flash of the transformers exploding. He was not in the car when they arrived.


Lancaster Township firefighters deployed their ladder tower to search North School Lane, then above Marietta Avenue in front of the accident scene from the air. Firefighters used a thermal imaging camera from above the accident scene to search the area. The search yielded a negative result, the driver was not found.


The driver could have been ejected somewhere along the collision path or self exited via the sun roof orifice which was still intact when the vehicle came to a halt. PD and firefighters searched the immediate area on foot and deployed Truck 66 to search from above with a TIC in an attempt to locate the driver. Local hospitals were checked. The driver was not found.


Marietta Avenue was closed at Marietta and Hamilton Road by fire police. PPL personnel relieved the fire police and returned to service at 7a.m. Fire personnel exited the scene at 6 a.m. and turned the scene over to PPL.


Traffic lights were out at N. President and Marietta Avenue intersection and Race Avenue and Marietta Avenue intersection.


Weaver’s Garage of Lititz pulled the vehicle away from the pine tree.


A small army of PPL repairman were on the scene to restore power.


Manheim Township police is continuing an investigation.