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Recent Incidents

Man Trapped Inside Car After Millersville Pike Accident
February 20th, 2017, 6:21 PM


Lancaster Township Fire Department was dispatched to the intersection of Millersville Pike and Michelle Drive for an accident with entrapment.

Manheim Township police was on the scene of a one car accident in the 1600 block of  Millersville Pike east of Michelle Drive in Lancaster Township. The officer reported one person was in the vehicle and would need cut out.

Arriving firefighters found the vehicle was off the roadway, down a five foot embankment with the drivers door pinned against a tree.

The male driver was conscious and uninjured but was unable to exit his car. He was trapped inside his vehicle due to the drivers side door being pinned against a tree and the passenger side door jammed shut.

Firefighters used their Amkus Rescue Systems hydraulic spreader tool connected to a portable power unit to open the passenger side door to access the patient. Wood cribbing blocks were stacked under the car to stabilize the cars movement during the extrication process.

Once the jammed door was opened, the driver self extricated from the car and walked to an awaiting Lancaster EMS ambulance stretcher with the assistance of the ambulance personnel.

The driver was extricated from his car at 1:38 a.m., eleven minutes after arrival of the firefighters.

The patient was transported to Lancaster General Hospital for evaluation.

The 1:19 a.m. accident began approximately 100 feet east of Michelle Drive on Millersville Pike across 1635 Millersville Pike.

A tan two door 1997 Pontiac Sunfire left the roadway into the grassy front yard of 1630 Millersville Pike and traveled approximately 50 feet where the car was thrown into a tree after the wheels caught a drainage culvert and pipe.

After smashing into the tree, the car spun and continued traveling east on Millersville Pike. The car came to a stop across from 1631 Millersville Pike, down an embankment against a tree facing the opposite direction approximately 25 feet from where the car struck the tree.

Tree branches littered the roadway from the vehicle striking the tree. A large patch of bark was missing from where the vehicle struck the tree.

This section of Millersville Pike is not protected by a guardrail to prevent vehicles from leaving the roadway and travel down the embankment.

Lancaster Township fire police closed Millersville Pike for 90 minutes at North Bausman Drive and Michelle Drive until a rollback vehicle from Lititz Car Company towed the car from the scene.

Manheim Township police are investigating the accident

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