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Recent Incidents

Accident At Stonemill Plaza Closes Columbia Avenue
January 3rd, 2017, 8:46 AM


Lancaster Township Fire Department was dispatched at  2:52 p.m. for a class 2 accident at Columbia Avenue and Jackson Drive.

Lancaster Township Fire Chief Ron Comfort Jr. called in the accident which was in the 1300 block of Columbia Avenue in front of Stone Mill Plaza in Lancaster Township.

Chief Comfort stated it was a two vehicle accident with two people injured. The male driver of an SUV was experiencing neck and back pain. A male passenger in the SUV was complaining of neck and arm pain.

A silver 2008 Ford Edge Limited was in the west bound turning lane at the entrance of Stone Mill Plaza in the 1300 block of Columbia Avenue when it was struck by a white 2016 Dodge RAM 1500 SLT rented work pickup truck heading east on Columbia Avenue.

The impact broke the Dodge RAM’s driver side lower control arm of the vehicle causing a half inch gauge in the macadam at the point of impact when the steel axle hit the roadway.

After the collision the white Dodge RAM pickup truck continued approximately 100 feet in the east bound lane of Columbia causing  a large scrape mark on the roadway from the vehicle’s axle.

Firefighters removed the driver’s door with their Amkus Rescue Systems hydraulic cutter and spreader to gain access to the injured driver who was sitting vertically in his seat. Removing the door created a large access point for Lancaster EMS personnel to easily transfer the injured driver from the driver’s seat to an awaiting stretcher.

The driver was extricated from the vehicle at 3:10 p.m.  

Both driver and passenger in the Ford Edge were transported to the hospital.

Manheim Township police, assisted by Manor Township police officers, conducted a field sobriety test of the male driver of the pickup truck.

Manheim Township police are investigating the accident.

Columbia Avenue was closed by Lancaster Township Fire Police until 4:12 p.m.

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