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Santa Visits Lancaster Township - Schedule
Dec 7, 2017 - 8:01: PM

Santa Visitation Schedule

The following is the 2017 Santa Run schedule.

Each night listed we will be out between 6-8pm with lights flashing, sirens sounding, and Christmas music playing!

All nights are tentative on weather, and fire calls.

Wednesday December 6

Kensington Club / Southern Village / Gentleman’s Way / Passey Lane - Quail Run

Thursday December 7
Lancaster Green / Lancaster Arms / Chadwick Circle / Hamilton Park West (of Abbyville)

Friday December 8
Sterling Place / Hawthorne Ridge

Monday December 11
Hamilton Park East (of Abbyville) / Manor House Apartments

Tuesday December 12
Gable Park

Wednesday December 13
Bausman / N. Bausman Dr. / Bentley Lane

Thursday December 14
Millcreek Manor / Honeysuckle Ln. / Millrace

Friday December 15

Monday December 18
Windolph Landing

Tuesday December 19
School Lane Hills (north of Marietta Ave.)

Wednesday December 20
School Lane Hills (south of Marietta Ave.)

Thursday December 21
Make up night

Friday December 22
Make up night

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