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Recent Incidents

SUV Rolls Into House On Buchanan Avenue
January 21st, 2019, 8:22 PM

Gallery images:

Lancaster Township Fire Department responded to a vehicle accident standby at 9:06 p.m. Saturday night after the snow storm turned into pouring rain.
The 911 caller reported a car slid into her house at 1057 Buchanan Avenue, which is a good distance from the roadway. She also stated part of her house was missing. Two male occupants of the vehicle yelled to the homeowner they were OK after she went to investigate what was happening.
The bizarre accident occurred when a white 2008 Ford Edge SEL traveling in the 1000 black of Buchanan Avenue, just off if N. President Avenue, slid off the roadway. The car knocked over a light post at the driveway entrance, but the vehicle kept moving.
After hitting the light post the car travelled backwards down the 25-foot-long driveway and crashed into a small porch.
The porch’s balustrade and column was knocked off the wooden porch deck from where they were attached.
Three AC/heat pump condenser units along the house became wedged between the car and the house were also damaged in the collision.
The occupants of the home were not injured. The two occupants of the vehicle were evaluated by Lancaster EMS.
IDS, Impact Disaster Services of York were contacted to stabilize the porch roof which now had no support structure.
Fire Police closed Buchanan Avenue at N. President Avenue and State Street.
Units remained on the scene until 9:47 P.M.
Manheim Township Police Department are investigating the accident.

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