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Recent Incidents

Quail Run Electrical Fire Traced to Heating Unit
November 25th, 2017, 1:02 AM

Friday November 25, 2017

LTFD Firefighters and BRFR rescue 905 were dispatched to the Quail Run Apartments, 1579 Passey Lane for an apartment building fire at 12:06 am this morning.

The 911 caller stated their lights in the kitchen are smoking and whole apartment is full of smoke. The smoke alarms are going off, they think they have an electrical fire inside the wall.

On arrival, the power was off to the apartment and a burning electrical odor present. During the Investigation it was discovered the main breaker at the electrical meter outside the building was tripped and in off position.

One of the occupants of the apartment stated there had been a problem with the heater no shutting of causing the apartment to become very hot at which point  they turned on the air conditioner to cool the apartment.

The occupant had turned on the heating unit prior to noticing the burning electrical odor and calling 911.

Building maintenance was alerted to respond but no ETA was given.

At the time of dispatch, the temperature was 36 degrees. Without electricity and no heat, the temperature in the apartment began dropping. The seven occupants of the apartment were moved to Engine 66-3 to keep warm do to the ambulance on the box was released to respond to a class 1 call.

The 5 children and 2 teenagers swaddled in blankets and sheets to keep warm, trekked from the rear apartment of building P to the 8 man cab of Engine 66-3 at the front of the apartment building.

The electrical issue was traced to the heating unit in a closet at the rear of the apartment.

Firefighters released the building to the complex manager and maintenance person to repair the heating unit.

The occupants would be sheltered in a another apartment should the heating unit not be immediately repairable.

The incident was declared under control by AC2 Mike Pickard at 12:50 am. Units returned minutes later.
Fire police closed Passey Lane to keep firefighters safe from traffic.

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