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Firefighters Observe 38th Anniversary Of Jeff Jones LODD
Jun 2, 2019 - 3:35: PM

Lancaster Township Fire Chief Ron Comfort Jr. will be placing flowers on the grave of fallen firefighter Jeff Jones in remembrance of the 38th anniversary of his LODD.

Bausman firefighter Jeffrey Jones, gave his life on June 13, 1981 during a confined space rescue.

In June of 1981, an 8-year-old boy had fallen into an old septic tank in School Lane Hills, Lancaster Township. Carbon dioxide gas had overcome the two paramedics who rescued him. Paramedic Bruce Ditlow went into the pit first and Paramedic Kevin Weatherlow followed with an air tank that he tried to share with his friend. But the carbon dioxide from the decaying grass knocked them both out.

Bausman Fire Company's volunteer-Firefighter Jeffrey Jones followed but ran out of air as he worked feverishly to help the paramedics. He could not lift the fallen medics quickly enough to the top of the grass pile.

The 18-year-old Jones died that day. So did Bruce Ditlow, 24, and Kevin Weatherlow, 23, paramedics and best friends since high school.

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